Wednesday, January 23, 2019


To promote the growth, development and success of its local Hispanic member chambers of commerce and to serve as the leading advocate of Hispanic businesses in Texas.

To strengthen the coalition of Hispanic business owners around the state.

To stimulate new business enterprises in Hispanic communities.

To disseminate useful business data to our members and to serve as an advocate for Hispanic businesses in consumer affairs and public policy affecting the organization’s membership.


TAMACC is an organization founded in 1975 to promote business leadership, create economic opportunities and provide legislative advocacy for the Hispanic business community in Texas. Originally TAMACC was composed of fewer than 20 business owners and professionals from three Texas cities, TAMACC’s members are now throughout Texas. Since its incorporation, TAMACC has grown into the most active state Hispanic association in the country which focuses on Legislative Advocacy, Procurement Programs, Training and Development of its members and Hispanic businesses in Texas.