After a 26-year campaign, Congress passes a bill for the Smithsonian to add a National Museum of the American Latino.

February 14, 2021

Episode 10 – For over a quarter-century the Friends of the American Latino Museum has been the only organization dedicated to advocating for a National Latino Museum.

In this episode, we have conversation with Danny Vargas, who was Chairman of the Friends of the American Latino Museum when Congress passed the bill and was signed into law. “The passage of this bill caps off a decades-long effort to create an institution that would celebrate and commemorate the over 500 years of Latino contributions to the building, shaping and defending of America; enlighten all visitors to the fascinating complexity of Latino culture and today’s Latino community; and serve to inspire future generations.” said Vargas “The time has come to tell the stories that have been excluded from our history book and missing from our museums.”