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Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Three Hispanic Women from South Florida Share Stories of Triumph in Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power

— Janie Flores, Scarlett Lanzas and Carolina Veira are contributing authors of the anthology Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power, curated by Claudia Romo Edelman of We Are All Human and published by Fig Factor Media —

MIAMI, FL – February 10, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Three Latina leaders from South Florida are contributing authors to the recently released anthology “Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power.” Janie Flores, Scarlett Lanzas and Carolina Veira are three of ninety-two Latino/a authors selected from across the nation to share their stories, experiences, challenges, and triumphs. The book showcases the diverse backgrounds, highlights the contributions, and shines a light on the beauty of the strong and resilient Latino community that is an integral part of America. The book was curated by Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of We Are All Human and Hispanic Star, with a forward written by Colombian singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Fonseca Carrera, and published by Fig Factor Media. The book was the number one new release on the Amazon list of Caribbean and Latin American Literature.

The three women are founding ambassadors of the all-volunteer Hispanic Star Miami hub made up of professionals which has impacted over 20,000 families in South Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic through initiatives that include delivering 2,000 hot meals for Healthcare Heroes, sourcing and delivering hand sanitizer and PPE for hospitals and nursing homes, distributing essential care products for thousands of families, and facemasks for 2.000 Farmworker Heroes.

Following are highlights from the chapters where each woman shares her personal story of challenges, perseverance, and triumphs in the US:

“If I had waited for the invitations to have a seat at the table, to receive invitations for speaking engagements, or for doors to magically open, I would not have accomplished anything.” - Janie Flores, President, Buena Vida Media, is originally from Mexico and her story can be found on page 99 of the book.

“Seek within yourself what your purpose in life is, focus on the positive you have to give to the world and act upon it!” - Scarlett Lanzas, founder, Accountable Impact, is originally from Nicaragua and her story can be found on page 126 of the book.

“There is no limit to what we can accomplish together.” - Carolina Veira, Director of Community and Corporate Partnerships for IMC Health Medical Centers, and Director, Hispanic Star Miami, is originally from Ecuador and her story can be found on page 278 of the book.

The book can be purchased on Amazon and a complete list of contributing authors can be found on the website: 

About Janie Flores:
Janie Flores is a social entrepreneur and a super-connector. She is president and founder of Buena Vida Media, an international multi-media company; strategically harnessing the power of media and deploying public relations, digital marketing, influencer marketing, and event marketing to achieve results and position clients for success

About Scarlett Lanzas:
Scarlett Lanzas is the founder of Accountable Impact, a social enterprise collecting timely data and providing policy solutions to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the co-founder of Social Impact Movement, and is a Hispanic Star Ambassador. She holds an Executive Master of Public Administration degree from Florida International University

About Carolina Veira:
Carolina Veira is Director of Community and Corporate Partnerships for IMC Health Medical Centers in Florida, and the Director of the Hispanic Star Miami hub. Carolina is an authentic leader, strategist, and an award-winning advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, with a passion for the advancement and empowerment of Hispanics, women, and other minority groups across the spectrum of society