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First Nominees for the Latin Podcast Awards 2022

— The Latin Podcast Awards is proud to showcase nine nominees opening the greatest international podcasting event in the world. —

MONTGOMERY, AL — May 6, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Felix A. Montelara, founder of Audio Dice Network (ADN) Media Group presents the sixth edition of the Latin Podcast Awards (LPA). The LPA is the only worldwide podcasting competition award honoring Latino/ Hispanic (Spanish and English language) podcast content creators in the United States of America (USA) and countries around the world. As part of the process, podcast producers (Latinos or non-Hispanic) can register their podcast at

Audio Dice Network via the LPA is making history connecting listeners across the United States (USA), Latin America, and around the globe. Podcasting is growing in popularity among Spanish and bilingual speakers in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, and other Latin American countries internationally.

A panel of international podcast content producers has been assembled to select winners by their respective categories and countries. This panel of international Judges will also select the winner of the International award. The Judges are tasked with obtaining the finalists and eventually the winner of the coveted Latin Podcast Award of the Year for 2022.

The winners of their respective categories and countries, along with the international award, Revelation of the Year Award, and the Latin Podcast Award of the Year will receive a "Microphone Statue" (Trophy) to display to the world and most importantly their listeners.

The Latin Podcast Awards 2022 proudly presents the first round of nominees:

The Rick H. Show – (Bilingual Comedy Interviews), created by Rick Hierro, podcaster in the United States. Podcast produced in USA and Dominican Republic.

Juego de Asesinos Podcast – (True Crimes) Kiki y Martha, podcasters in the United States.

Proyecto Insomnio Podcast – (Documentary) Julio Cesar Chamorro Álvarez, podcaster in México.

TerroresNocturnos – (Science Fiction) David Fernandez Marcos, with hosts Emma Entrena, Silvia Ortiz, David Fernández Marcos, and TheGray.Art podcaster in Spain.

Crónicas de nada – (Books) Eduardo Morales, Judith Gardea, and Diego Murcia, podcasters in the United States and México.

The Perla Garcia Mysteries – (Bilingual Kids and Family) Perla Garcia in the United States.

Perfiles e Influencias – (Society and Culture) Paola Moreira, podcaster in the United Kingdom.

Soy Mamá por Adopción – (Parenting) Lina Maria Carrascal podcaster in the United States

La Magia de losAsustos – (Science Fiction) Izzy Garcia Nash, podcaster in the United States.

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Audio Dice Network (ADN) is an OTT digital audio network catering to Spanish and English listeners in the United States, also serving the Ibero-American mainstream of podcast listeners.  ADN is based out of Montgomery, AL in the United States.

Audio Dice Network delivers audio content which caters to the audience's shared values and passion for all genres of podcasting. ADN is serving communities in the United States and worldwide. Please feel free to contact

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