Keep Texas Businesses Thriving

Senate Bills Propose Unfailing Regulations

AUSTIN, TX May 16, 2019 – The Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC) and U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association fully support the Senate’s efforts to provide stability as it relates to regulating businesses in the State of Texas, especially as it relates to Hispanic-owned and operated businesses.

Hispanic Americans are a strong component of the workforce throughout the United States, and even more so in border states, like Texas. A majority-minority state, Texas constitutes one of the largest Hispanic workforces in our country and Hispanic Texans comprise an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs opening businesses in this great state, bringing ideas to the forefront, and ultimately better benefitting Texas as a whole.

Several bills presently under consideration, S.B. 2485, S.B. 2486, S.B. 2487 and S.B. 2488, seek to ensure that the strong economic environment enjoyed by all businesses currently operating across Texas as well as any future businesses looking to relocate to the Lone Star State enjoy a welcoming business climate. To do so requires keeping employment regulations consistent across the board and not open to the incongruities that can occur when local governments are able to dictate how businesses operate within their individual jurisdictions, creating confusion and unnecessary complications for employers and employees alike.

The bills individually deal with specific aspects of employer regulations. Among them: Employment leave (including sick, vacation, holidays, disability, family, medical, retirement, etc.) profit-sharing and criminal history inquiries.

TAMACC and the U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association of Austin fully back passage of these bills to further the strong support that Texas has shown in the past for all businesses, and in particular, for those that are Latino-owned and/or operated.

The bills’ primary sponsor is Brandon Creighton, R-Beaumont, along with co-sponsors, Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels and Pat Fallon, R-Denton.

TAMACC and the U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association fully support these bills that bring consistency and an even playing field for businesses operating in our great State of Texas.