Young Professional

TAMACC Young Professionals is now a new membership category.

Recognizing the value of having young people actively participate and contribute their talents, skills and innovative thinking to an organization such as TAMACC is invaluable.

TAMACC is now seeking and recruiting young professionals between the ages of 18 and 35 to be part of the TAMACC organization. 2019 will be the inaugural year for TAMACC’s Young Professional Program.

To insure representation, and a voice, our young professionals will have two seats on the TAMACC Board of Directors. The representatives filling board positions are elected by their peers.

Qualifying young professionals will be eligible for TAMACC membership and entitled to all the benefits and privileges associated with said membership.

The reason TAMACC started the Young Professionals Program is to:

  • provide young members with professional development and leadership training.
  • provide entrepreneurial training and opportunities.
  • provide a creative environment that allows young Latinos a platform to exchange ideas and seek possible solutions to current day obstacles.
  • create a statewide network of ambitious young Latinos that can provide support and resources for each other.
  • develop a individuals’ skillsets and working knowledge of organizational structure and governance.
  • provide introductions and opportunities to meet and interact with successful Hispanic business owners, elected officials and community leaders.
  • provide internships, and possible job opportunities.
  • offer real world opportunities to practice and hone leadership skills.
  • afford young professionals the experience of interacting and working with successful business owners.

Take the next step in your personal success, become a TAMACC Young Professional

Monthly or Annually Payment Options

Joining the TAMACC Young Professionals will require time, commitment, dedication, travel and resources. However, the benefits and professional growth and development you will gain is priceless.

For more information about TAMACC Young Professional contact the TAMACC office at (512) 444-5727 or

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