Professional Development Training

Below are workshops and courses offered by TAMACC to better prepare you and your organization’s members for leadership roles. The course outlines on this page is just a sample of the professional development training material TAMACC has available. If requested, training programs and be developed and tailored for your chamber or organization.

For more information contact J.R. Gonzales at or visit the web page of TAMACC’s sister organization the Hispanic Leadership and Management Foundation.


This professional development and leadership training course is designed to better prepare individuals who are currently serving as board members or in a leadership role of a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, or business organization.

Participants of this interactive course will learn the basic principles of what a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is and how it should operate. Participants will learn essential tools necessary to improve personal skill sets and gain the capacity to understand the infrastructure, utilize the resources and execute the leadership necessary to have and sustain a successful chamber of commerce in their community.


  • What is the Purpose of a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?
  • Understanding the Legal Structure and Governance of the Organization
  • Board of Directors’ Fiduciary Responsibilities and Legal Obligations
  • Why is it Important for your Community to have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?
  • Organizing your Organization
  • Staying Focused on the Organizations’ Mission and Objectives
  • How to Effectively Organize and Run Chamber Meetings
  • How to Develop Effective and Profitable Programs of Work
  • Corporate Fundraising Best Practices and How to Generate Cash Flow
  • Methods to Improve and Increase Chamber Membership
  • Hispanic Chamber’s Role in Economic Development for your Community
  • Taking your Chamber to the Next Level

The above course topics will teach participants a comprehensive view of what it really takes to be an effective and responsible board member for a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


This course is highly requested and one of the more popular offered by TAMACC. Robert’s Rules of Order, or simply Robert’s Rules, is the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure in the United States.

The manual was first published in 1876 by U.S. Army officer Henry Martyn Robert, who adapted the rules and practice of Congress to the needs of non-legislative societies. This time-tested book is currently in its 11th edition and was last revised in 2011.

Robert’s Rules of Order, once adopted, is the parliamentary authority in meetings for a wide and diverse range of organizations—including chambers of commerce, church groups, county commissions, city councils, homeowners’ associations, nonprofit associations, professional societies, school boards, trade unions and the list goes on.

As a member of organization, or someone in a leadership role, such as, a board of director you will want to participate and be effective in meetings. To be successful as an organizational leader it is imperative that you understand and know, the “Rules of the Game.”

Here are some examples of how Robert’s Rules of Order can help a meeting run smoother and efficiently

  • Parliamentary procedures are an established, effective, and accepted method of insuring every member of a deliberative body an equal opportunity for participation.
  • It makes possible the rule of the majority, while protecting the rights of the individuals.
  • As an assembly can consider only one item at a time, parliamentary procedures establish a common formula or guide for conduction of business and discussing matters of controversy.
  • Parliamentary procedures bring order and progress to a meeting which otherwise might bog down in a babble of sound and confusion.

Knowing Robert’s Rules of Order is empowering. Once you understand, you will be able to sit on just about any organization or governing body in the country and know how to be effective.


Speak Up, Move Up is an interactive course designed for business professionals. Verbal communication and public speaking are essential components in today’s fast paced world. Speak Up, Move Up will teach the participants the mechanics of good public speaking, how to overcome stage fright and how to better prepare a speech or presentation.

Participants who successfully complete the course will be able to:

  • Evaluate and put into practice mechanics of good public speaking.
  • Apply content structuring techniques for an effective speech or presentation.
  • Develop methods for engaging an audience.
  • Learn techniques for combating and overcoming stage fright.
  • Expect the unexpected when giving a presentation or speaking in public.
  • Gain confidence and effectiveness through in-class practice.
  • Learn self-evaluation techniques for speech improvement.

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the mechanics of good public speaking. Novice speakers will gain self-confidence and experienced speakers will learn how to improve their public speaking skillsets.


Doing What it Takes is a Leadership Training is a course designed for the business professional who wants to improve their understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader.

This highly motivational and interactive course will empower leaders to think differently about their roles and responsibilities both in the work place and their personal lives.

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Understanding the Problem Before you Implement a Solution
  • Recognizing the Differences between Management vs. Leadership
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications Techniques
  • Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication
  • Moving Up by Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Personal Vision vs. Shared Vision
  • Critical Thinking
  • The benefits of Listening

Skillsets learned in this course can successfully be applied to participates personal and professional life.


This professional development workshop is designed to prepare individuals who are interested in, or are currently, serving in a leadership capacity for a business, political, social or community based nonprofit organization.

This interactive course will give participants the essential tools necessary to improve personal skill sets and the capacity to understand the infrastructure, resources and leadership necessary to have and sustain a successful organization.

The skill sets taught in this course are:

  • Organizing Your Organization
  • The Dynamics of Organizational Communications
  • Staying Focused on the Organizations Mission and Objectives
  • How to Effectively Organize and Run Meetings
  • Gain Working Knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Directors vs. Staff
  • Fundraising in Today’s Economy and Environment
  • Taking Your Organization to the Next Level

Participants of course will have a plethora of takeaways that can be taken back to their organization and implemented immediately.

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