How to Start a TAMACC Chapter


In Texas we have a robust economy, an excellent economic climate, and we lead the country in growth prospects. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas added 234,000 Hispanic residents in 2017, more than any other state in the country. Our Hispanic population in Texas is 11.2 million and continues to grow. With over 700,000 Hispanic owned business in Texas, Hispanics are the economic engine of the state.

If you an entrepreneur thinking of starting a business, an established business owner, or a civic minded individual who wants to make a difference, then TAMACC is the organization you want to affiliate with.

We encourage you to explore this web site to get a better idea of the benefits and opportunities you can have as a member of this well-established 43-year-old organization.

Until recently, to participate in TAMACC programs, training, conventions, and activities you had to be a member of a local Hispanic Chamber that was a member in good standing with TAMACC.

If you are currently a member of a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or an organization that is a member of TAMACC, you are automatically eligible to participate in TAMACC activities and receive benefits offered to members.
Texas has a landmass of 268,820 square miles, divided into 254 counties (more than any other U.S. state), and has 3336 towns and cities. As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity for organizational growth.

Starting a new Hispanic Chamber of Commerce can be a long and laborious undertaking. With that said, TAMACC has expanded their scope and definition of membership. TAMACC is now offering groups of individuals, from the same city or geographic region, and of like thinking, the opportunity to start a TAMACC Chapter.

If you are interested in starting a TAMACC Chapter, there are guidelines that must to meet before consideration and admission into the organization as a member chapter. To be eligible:

  1. It is prohibited to establish a chapter in the same city where an existing TAMACC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member is located.
  2. There must be a minimum 25 people willing to join the chapter, to officially start the chapter.
  3. A newly formed chapter must petition for membership. TAMACC will require the names, email address and phone numbers of those who have agreed to be members of the inaugural chapter. (a 25-person minimum is required).
  4. There must be a designated location for monthly meetings of the chapter.
  5. Participants must recognize, and acknowledge that as a chapter of TAMACC they are not a stand-alone organization, nor can they use the TAMACC name or brand without prior approval form TAMACC leadership.
  6. TAMACC is a 501 (c) 6 nonprofit organization, therefore any TAMACC chapter will be prohibited from involvement in partisan politics.
  7. Chapter must agree to adhere to the TAMACC Bylaws, policies and procedures until such a time they become and independent Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or business organization.
  8. While the chapter is being established, there needs to be an interim board of directors in place. Once accepted by TAMACC, said chapter will conduct new elections to fill the board of director positions. (Interim chapter officers and board members are eligible to run for the official position).
  9. Prior to be voted into TAMACC, the chapter will invite members of TAMACC leadership to visit your city and to make a presentation to your chapter’s members, and or, to potential new members. Leadership will also be assessing chapters progress and sustainability as a chapter.
  10. Once accepted and voted into TAMACC as an official chapter, said chapter will hold elections of their board of directors and officers within thirty (30) days admission date. Upon completion of the elections, chapter board of directors, and officers will be required to go through a 12 -14-hour orientation and board training course provided by TAMACC.

Please keep in mind that TAMACC will gladly assist in anyway it can for your group to become a TAMACC Chapter. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact the TAMACC office at (512) 444-5727 or email

If you are part of an existing and active Hispanic based business organization, registered with the Texas Secretary of State, and have an IRS Employer Identification Number, your organization may be able to petition for TAMACC membership without going through the above process.
Accepted petitioning organizations, will become a part of TAMACC while maintaining their own name, brand, bylaws, logo etc. As a member of TAMACC, said business organization will be afforded all rights, privileges and opportunities of the organization.

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