Leadership Tejas Program Equips Hispanic Leaders for Impactful Roles

In a bid to foster diverse and influential leadership, Leadership Tejas is launching a dynamic six-month program tailored for community leaders and midlevel Hispanic employees. The program’s primary objective is to inspire and prepare participants for prominent leadership positions within their communities and organizations.

Tailored for Impact:

Designed for those with a strong commitment to community development and advancing Hispanic representation in leadership roles, Leadership Tejas aims to empower individuals to lead with conviction and make a positive impact on their surroundings.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

The program features a structured curriculum comprising workshops, seminars, case studies, experiential learning, and networking opportunities. Participants will be guided by experts, industry leaders, and mentors throughout the program.

Key Curriculum Highlights:

Leadership Development: Cultivating essential leadership qualities, effective communication, strategic planning, and decision-making skills.

Fundraising Strategies: Equipping participants with the knowledge and expertise to raise funds effectively for community projects.

Cultural Intelligence: Emphasizing the importance of cultural awareness and fostering inclusivity in diverse settings.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and harnessing emotions to build strong relationships and lead with empathy.

Real-World Projects: Engaging participants in hands-on projects to apply their skills to address real challenges in their communities.

Promising Outcomes:

Graduates of Leadership Tejas are expected to emerge as exceptional candidates, ready to take on leadership roles at various levels. By leveraging their enriched abilities and diverse perspectives, these leaders are poised to play a vital role in closing the gap in Hispanic representation, contributing to a more inclusive and representative Texas.

You can find out more about Leadership Tejas at https://tamacc.org/foundation/leadership-tejas/ or call J.R. Gonzales at 512-444-5727.

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